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Halo 12" Premium Ring Light + Tripod (Combo)

Halo 12" Premium Ring Light + Tripod (Combo)

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Product Highlights

- Ultra bright: 1000 Lumens

- Wide color range: Sunny yellow to Oceanic blue

- Super sturdy: Included Tripod mounts ~2Kgs

- Ultra flexible: Ball-head mount for easy 360° movement 

    Technical Specifications

    Ring Light: 12 inch diameter

    Tripod length: 1.6meters

    Mounts included: Mobile Holder (iOS + Android)

    No. of lumens: ~1000

    Tripod weight capacity: ~2KG

    Input Voltage: DC 5V

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    Ultra Bright

    Plug in, adjust and get rolling with 1000 Lumens of brightness.

    Wide Color Range

    Ranges from sunny yellow to oceanic blue , make your shoot a success with flicker-free, soft light

    Ridiculously Sturdy

    Ultra flexible, portable and lightweight , Hoists up to 2Kgs

    Maximum Flexibility

    Selfies, Shorts or Reels better with 360° rotation and flexible mobile phone holder

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    Do I need to purchase anything in addition when ordering a Kreo Halo?

    No- we provide all required accessories in the box.
    Box contains Ring light, Tripod, Phone clamp, ball head, USB wire with wired remote

    Is my Ring light compatible with all phones?

    Yes! Halo works with all standard smart phones across the Android and iOS ecosystems

    What is the length of the cable?

    2 metres (or approx. 6.5 feet)

    What is the warranty period?

    500 days- yep, its no joke!

    How can I change the settings OR what are the functions on the remote control?

    1. Increase brightness: This button increases the brightness of the light.
    2. Colour tone: This button will help you to change the colour tone from Oceanic blue to Sunny yellow.
    3. Decrease brightness: This button decreases the brightness of the light.
    4. Power button: Used to switch the light on and off.