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Cliff Gaming MousePad

Cliff Gaming MousePad

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  • Product Highlights

    - Waterproof top material: Spill proof with easy cleaning!

    - Tough grip: Rubber + Cloth Mousepad with anti-slip base

    - Stitched edges : Anti fray, damage and deformation

    - Ultra smooth: 4mm thickness with easy to use surface

    -2 sizes (L and XL): Choose between- L (25cm x 35cm) and XL (80cm x 30cm)

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Waterproof Top Material

A Mousepad for all clumsy hands out there

Anti-Fray Stitches

Keep your mousepad flat and last long

Anti-Slip Rubber Base

For heavy grip on all surfaces

  • 400 Days Warranty

  • Free Shipping

  • 7 Days Replacement

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