About Us

It was the year 2022 and BOOM! Out of nowhere- Kreo (Unit of Lukus Brands Pvt Ltd) emanated from a chink in the void.

We were an assortment of creators, gamers, adventurers and dreamers who searched far and wide for uniquely crafted, premium, high quality, reliable and affordable gear that could enable EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S passions- no matter how far-fetched they all were. We spent countless hours, days and weeks with other similarly passionate people, and understood that this was a common problem plaguing every single one of them. Thus, we set out on our journey with the vision to create the #Kreosphere where everyone was welcome and each and every member could share learnings, grow with each other and be part of a much larger movement. One where all boundaries are pushed and passions are always followed.

At the same time, we were resolute on our fellow Kreons receiving a stellar product experience - the best the market can offer. Every Kreo product is crafted and innovatively designed with precision and when in doubt, we have always let the 'User' show us the way. All our gear is made after 100+ hours of hands-on experience with our fellow dreamers. So what are you waiting for? Come, Equip Your Passion!