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1.Payment for the order has been deducted from my account, but no order details have been received?

Your order details may not have been captured with us. The amount will be refunded to your account within the next 15 days.

2. Are there any hidden charges when I make a payment?

No, there are no hidden charges. All listed prices are inclusive of all taxes.

3. What payment options do you have?

Keeping in mind the health and safety in these times, we accept prepaid orders only to minimize the contact. You can choose to pay by the following options:

-Credit/Debit Card Payment
-Net Banking
-Wallets – PhonePe, Amazon Pay, FreeCharge, Payzapp


1. When can I expect the delivery of my product?

Once you receive the shipping confirmation, your package will be delivered within 3-5 business days. We are constantly working on getting your order delivered as soon as possible.

2. How do I track my order details?

An email and an SMS with the tracking number will be sent once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. You can also track your order from your account on the website by clicking HERE.

If you are an existing user, you can simply log in to your account and track your current and past order details. However, if you haven’t made an account and have signed in as a guest user - we advise you to create your account with the same guest user mail id.

*Please note that it can take some time before the tracking information is uploaded.

3. What are the delivery charges?

There are no shipping charges for any orders at

Order related

1. How can I cancel my order?

You have the option to cancel your order before it is dispatched from our warehouse. To cancel the order:

a. If you have an account:

-Login to your account
-Go to manage your order:
-Cancel the desired order.

b. If you don’t have an account, create an account at and follow the steps mentioned above.

2. I want to change my delivery address?

Before the order is dispatched:
-Cancel the order on the website and place the order again with the correct address.
-Contact our customer care team to change the delivery address.

By Email:

By Phone: +91-8297069849

*Delivery address cannot be changed once the product has been dispatched from our warehouse.


1. How much warranty is provided for which product?

You can find the details for the warranty period HERE

2. My product has not been picked up for replacement yet?

Mail your query to for all warranty and service-related questions or call Customer Service (+91-8297069849) to help you.

3. How do I register complaint regarding a product?

You can register the complaint online HERE or contact the customer support team (+91-8297069849) or Mail your query to

4. When is replacement acceptable?

Only when a wrong product or damaged product (at the time of receipt) has been received by the customer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Chimera (Wireless)

Why does the lighting go off when I move the mouse?

This is a feature we have implemented to help conserve battery life giving you maximum usage time.

Why don’t the software changes get saved in Bluetooth Mode?

Changes made in the software currently can only be saved and used in either Wired or 2.4G mode.

Device is not getting detected or paired in Bluetooth mode

If the mouse is not detected for some reason in Bluetooth mode, you can initiate force pairing by pressing and holding the following button combo for 3s. (Left Click + Scroll Click + Right Click)

How can I completely turn off the RGB Lighting?

The RGB Lighting can be completely turned off through the software, under the Lighting section.

What is the charging indicator?

When the mouse is charging, the light in the scroll wheel will be blue in colour and when it is fully charged, it will go off.

What is the latency for this mouse?

  • When used in 2.4G Mode it is between 10 - 20ms 
  • When used in Bluetooth Mode it is around 250ms

 What is the battery life?

  • When used in 2.4G Mode it is around 24hrs of usage time
  • When used in Bluetooth Mode it is around 30hrs of usage time


Which switches are compatible with the Hive?

Currently Hive supports only other Outemu switches


 How do I set the camera to record at 60fps?

The Kreo OWL by default comes set at 30fps. To enable 60fps recording, ensure to check and select the desired FPS and Resolution in the respective software being used for recording.

Which software can I use to record with OWL at 60fps?

OBS Studio is a great tool which is available for free and is fully compatible with OWL. It has options to select the desired output resolution as well as fps for recording

Beluga 3.5mm

 Is the headphone compatible with consoles?

Yes the Beluga 3.5mm is compatible with consoles and can be connected to the controller for usage.

What is the wire length?

The wire length is 1.5m and it is a braided wire.

Beluga USB 7.1

Will the sound quality be affected if I use a USB extender to connect the headphones?

No, the sound quality won’t be affected by using a USB extender.

What is the wire length?

The wire length is 1.5m and it is a braided wire.


Does the REC come with a stand?

Yes there is an included desk stand straight out of the box.

What is the ANC feature?

ANC stands for “Active Noise Cancellation”, this can be used to reduce background / environmental noise which are at a distance when recording to give more emphasis to the lead voice or instrument that is the focus of the recording.

Can I use this mic for Skype or Zoom calls?

Yes definitely! The mic would work great for these calls and the added ANC function would also help reduce any background noise.