3 Reasons why you need to start Batching Content Today Kreo

3 Reasons why you need to start Batching Content Today

Content creation is one of the most fun career choices one can make. There’s ideation, shooting, editing and so much more that a creator can play around with. But all this is easier said than done. With the creator space expanding by the minute, it becomes so much harder to plan and execute content on the regular. Which is when something like Content Batching comes in handy. It is one of the most effective ways to create social media content and helps all kinds of creators out there. If you’re someone who’s working towards building your social media presence then this is particularly helpful for you. Instead of spending an hour planning, creating & editing one Instagram post, you can spend that hour writing or “batching” an entire weeks worth of content. Before we get into why this is such an amazing thing to do, let’s break down what Batching Content is exactly, shall we? STEP 1 : Identify & Brainstorm This is the first stage where you Identify Your Content Pillars & Brainstorm New Content Ideas. This process includes deep diving into all the content you’ve made so far, understanding your audience(their likes and dislikes) and analysing the statics of your content. Once you’ve figured out what works for your page, you can sit down and start planning content for the next few days/week/month (depending on what you find more comfortable, we suggest starting with planning content for a week first). Open up your calendar and place content accordingly. Once you have a standard framework, all you have to do is start writing detailed scripts for your posts and shoots. STEP 2: Shoot Content Once your scripts are ready and you know exactly what you want for each shot, all you have to do is film all your video and static content. Every script and video would be slightly different, so we highly recommend you plan your shoots down to the T. Scout for locations, get your sets and clothes ready. Planning all these small things in advance makes a massive difference on the day of the shoot. Shoot days tend to get a tad bit exhausting but they’re so worth it! STEP 3: Edit Now comes the most exciting part where you can get started on the edits and crest magic. Edits would mainly includes these three things: 1. Designing Your Graphics (Static Posts, Thumbnails for Videos) 2. Writing Captions for each post 3. Editing video content STEP 4: Scheduling If you weren’t aware of this already then let us be the ones to tell you about the most fabulous thing that you can do on Social Media - i.e. Schedule Your Content Calendar. The last step of the whole process is this. When all your edits and captions in place, the next thing you need to do is schedule your content. This way you won’t need to sit on your phone for years to upload one piece of content and you won’t have to constantly worry about posting. There’s a bunch of tools you can use to schedule, we use: - Creators Studio and Meta Business Suite - For posting on Instagram and Facebook - YouTube Creator Studio (you’ll find it on your YouTube page itself) - For YouTube Videos and Shorts As you can tell, in the four steps above, there’s content batching happening at every single stage. Batching your content has multiple benefits and here's 3 reasons why you must get started on doing this today itself: 1. You’re able to focus on creating better quality content and end up being more consistent on your pages only because of proper planning in advance. (Always remember, the algorithm rewards consistency) 2. You end up saving time and effort. It helps reduce last minute stress one can get during posting time. You get to avoid all this and more and are able to focus your energy on other important things. 3. You can experiment a lot more. With the saved time and effort, you can keep experimenting with different ideas that can help with your growth. And there you have it, let us know how much you like the idea of Content Batching and whether or not you’ve tried it before? Until next time, Keep Creating Magic, you fabulous Kreator!
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