3 Easy Set Up Tips that will elevate your videos Kreo

3 Easy Set Up Tips that will elevate your videos

Are you someone who is trying to make it big in the content creation space? Have you struggled A LOT to figure out how to make content that people love? If your answer to any of those questions was a Yes- we are 100% sure that you have spent a MASSIVE chunk of your time in just shooting the content.

Shoots may seem like the most exciting & easy part of content creation but trust us when we say this, they’re probably the toughest and most time consuming. One thing that most people tend to overlook is the background set up / shoot aesthetics. The set up and appearance is the first impression anyone makes of you, so you must make sure it’s a good one. 

The best part is you can really play around with your shoot and customise it according to your style and aesthetic. As important as set ups are, they’re also terribly hard to figure out in the beginning. 

We want to share a few useful tips with you In this blog that we are convinced will take any of your content from drab to fab in a minute. Ensuring your videos and photos have an eye-catching background tends to improve your engagement rate- because people automatically feel enticed to stay back and watch for longer.

Step 1-

 Choose a spot with minimal noise, lots of natural light and open space. Also ensure that you are not going to be interrupted while you film- there is NOTHING more annoying than people walking into your frame the minute you were about to take that hero shot! 

Step 2 - Choose an appropriate backdrop

There are several pieces of content written regarding this, but the best kind of setup is one that reflects your personality well. Put some thought into every setup,they should suit your personality and the kind of content that you want to make. Each individual is different and brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you show that in your aesthetic. Add cute details to your frame. These could be books, souvenirs from your travels, paintings, pictures, wall hangings, vision boards - whatever you like. If you are a gamer- maybe you want to ensure that your gaming setup is visible in the background of every video? Here are some super inspiring vibes: 

Step 3 - Choose a solid colour for your wall

This may be a tough one to crack cause once you’ve decided you will not be able to keep changing it (unless you are MKBHD of course) Try choosing colours that are warm, friendly and inviting. This most definitely doesn’t mean choosing only whites and yellows, you could choose dark colours as well and those could look warm too. If you find it too hard to choose what colour you like and want to keep changing it each time then do yourself a favour and buy a green screen? This way you can keep playing around with amazing new colours during post production edits. 

Step 4 - Keep it minimal

 Make sure the background doesn’t have too much going on, else the viewer's attention will go on that as opposed to it going on the content of the video. Add a few soft elements that compliment the frame. And when in doubt, just put 1-2 beautiful plants on a table, a cute lamp and you’re good to go. Always remember, less is more. 

Background setups can take your content from 0 to 100 within minutes. Work on your set up and say no to another boring video with 2 likes from your mom and your best friend and say hello to SUPER HIGH ENGAGEMENT! So who is with us?

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