Bonus Blog! Go beyond 'Ring Lights' with Halo 12" and 18" Kreo

Bonus Blog! Go beyond 'Ring Lights' with Halo 12" and 18"

As a content creator, you have definitely used ring lights to ... well, light up your set and get the Spotlight on you. While Halo can definitely help you with that, there's a few other amazing things that Halo can be used for: 

1. As an innovative prop: Props are game-changing. The right prop can add more character + dimensions to your video. In the #Kreosphere, props aren’t just for show. Go beyond with amazing and innovative props such as the colorful Kreo Halo box: which makes for a cool background! Spruce up things with a few costume changes. Heck, go right ahead and use the Halo ITSELF as a prop! Isn’t that LIT? wink, wink Pssst… if you can think up a cooler, ‘proper’ way to use Halo as a prop, SHARE IT WITH US at or @kreosphere on Instagram! Who knows? you might get featured on our page + win some EXCITING prizes!

2. Halo for ‘flat photos’: Halo allows you to capture amazing ‘flat’ and visually clean images. The evenness of the light across a subject’s face is something that is often desired by several photographers.

3. Halo for ‘depth’: We’re not that shallow! In case you want your pictures/ videos to have depth, play with shadows and try using multiple Halos or another type of light to balance the brightness.

4. Halo as a ‘standard’ studio light: Don’t want to use the Halo in the traditional way? That’s completely alright! Use the Halo as a regular ol’ studio soft box light and Voilà! You’ve got yourself a stunning visual!

5. Utilize the Halo, literally: Use the Halo as a part of your creation, behind you, on top of your head or anywhere else for amazing visual effects- remember, its your lab, experiment away!

6. Be your authentic self: A lot of people use lighting for effect, but remember: just because Halo makes you glow, doesn’t mean you should feel pressurized to hide every scar and blemish on your face (unless you want to, of course!). We want you to be the best YOU and nobody else, so go ahead and rock that smile! The real glow is inside you 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this piece of bonus content- for any thoughts, comments, reactions- do reach out to us at!

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